Temakinho: a daily commitment to sustainability

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“Sustainability is no doubt the key to the future: the only way to ensure a future for us and for the generations to come,” says Linda Maroli, founder of the Nipo-Brasilian fusion restaurant Temakinho. Linda Maroli managed to develop a successful brand concept revolving around a philosophy of sustainability and ethics. 

Since its first opening in 2012, Temakinho has committed to initiatives that are sustainability focused. The restaurant has obtained the Friends of the Sea certification for sustainable restaurant chains and can display the official sea approval. In compliance with the main certification requirements, the majority of the chain’s seafood is certified by Friend of the Sea or Global G.A.P equivalent. Certified fish species include Atlantic salmon, Red drum, European sea bass, Yellowtail amberjack and Yellowfin tuna.

Sustainability has been part of Temakinho’s philosophy since day one. The restaurant not only pledged to ethical fishing but also strives on a daily basis to decrease plastic waste. A prime example is Temakinho’s take-away packaging and its napkins which are 100% sustainable and recyclable. In addition, the restaurant committed to reduce plastic waste by replacing plastic straws with PLA alternatives, a material derived from corn. The chain also offers free filtered water to the guests in order to avoid plastic bottles. 

Linda Maroli managed to develop a unique brand concept merging a flavourful cuisine, with an original restaurant experience. Be ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere with colorful interiors, tropical wallpapers and large murals. Linda Maroli came up with the Temakinho idea while pregnant with her son. Her pregnancy influenced the development of a sustainable and ethical business model based on responsible sourcing to bequeath to future generations an Earth which will not be irreversibly damaged by human activity.