Sustainability has been a part of Temakinho’s philosophy since day one. We source our fish from sustainable and ethical farmers, and ensure responsible fishing.

Our restaurants are plastic-free and we provide our customers with free filtered water (natural or sparkling) and do not sell any plastic bottles. Our customised take-away/delivery packaging is also compostable and plastic-free.

Our commitment was officially recognised in 2016 when Temakinho was the first chain of restaurants in the world to be awarded the Friend of the Sea™ certification. In 2019, we were certified as a plastic-free restaurant chain by international NGO Worldrise.


Temakinho is authentic. It’s the first restaurant of its kind, a pioneer and a trend-setter. Temakinho doesn’t believe in perfection, but beauty in all its different shapes and shades.

Instead of wholesale purchasing mass-production items, each element is hand-picked to become part of our restaurants. In this sense, we choose to work with providers who share our same set of brand values.

Innovation & Courage

Temakinho doesn’t believe in luck but in innovation, courage and action. This explosive mix is what allowed us to launch such a new and original concept within a commercial landscape such as Milan was in 2012.

In addition, a clever online/App reservation, a sophisticated location paired with a casual mood and beautifully assembled dishes quickly made it “the place to be” for a contemporary, young and smart customer base.

With its innovative format and irresistible flavours, Temakinho quickly became a much sought-after alternative between AYCE sushi places and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Creativity & Commitment

At Temakinho, commitment can’t be split from creativity as innovation and new ideas come from the consistent effort to find new and beautiful solutions to practical matters.

As each new opening is inspired by a different aspect of Brazilian culture, history and geography, there’s a continuous research and creative process in order to find a way to convey these different aspects and tell these stories.

By choosing craftsmanship over mass production and sustainable over industrial, we are able to always create a new location that feels fresh, welcoming and a pleasure for the mind and soul.