An Ode to the Caipirinha

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As Brazil’s national cocktail, it was only natural that we would make it our star on the menu here at Temakinho. For you or to share, if you’re feeling particularly generous, the crisp taste of a Caipirinha is created through mixing three main ingredients: Lime, sugar, and cachaça, muddled together and garnished with an extra slice of citrus. 

Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from the fermented juice of a sugar cane, and holds an alcohol percentage of anywhere from 38 to 48% – Truly not for the faint of heart! Sweet, fruity, and with a slight edge of spice, the Caipirinha is the most popular cocktail in Brazil, with 800 million liters of cachaça made annually (in which small distilleries yield 30%). Although only 1% is exported to the rest of the world, the interest for the spirit is growing.

Alternatively, a twist on the classic Caipirinha can be found in the Caipiroska cocktail. Similar to the Caipririnha, but with one major difference – Instead of incorporating cachaça, this drink uses vodka for a less earthy, clearer flavour. Perfect for anyone still finding their feet in the world of cocktails, but still wanting a taste of Brazil. 

A perfect drink to represent Temakinho could be the Sakerinha, which, like the Caipiroska, is just a Caipirinha with the main alcoholic ingredient switched out. In this case, the Sakerinha uses Japanese Sake instead, a hugely popular drink in Japan on its own. A great way to fuse the tastes of Brazil with Japan, and created due to the high Japanese population in cities like Camp Grande and São Paulo. 

The second most popular cocktail in Brazil is arguably the Batida, made mainly with fruit juice, sugar, and our old friend cachaça. The most unique thing about this drink though, is the fact that it looks like a milkshake. Available to the public in a variety of flavours, the most popular in Brazil are Coconut or Strawberry, wherein coconut or condensed milk can also be incorporated. 

Brazil even offers their own take on the classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned, but instead of whiskey or bourbon, they of course utilise cachaça. Orange peel, bitters and brown sugar complete the drink, and it is commonly known as the Brazilian Old Fashioned. Due to cachaça’s existing fruity flavour, it balances and compliments the orange peel to make a satisfying reimagining of the popular classic. 

Whilst the Caipirinha is the most popular of all these incredible cocktails, and is certainly the one to transcend Brazil’s borders into the rest of the world, the thing that makes it so delicious and in demand is the cachaça. Slowly but surely, cachaça is being introduced as a spirit in bars all over the world, with bartenders discovering new ways to use it every single day. No matter what cocktail calls out to you, if you really want a taste of Brazil, your best bet is a drink made with cachaça, the most loved of all being the Caipirinha.