Happy Hour at Temakinho

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Who doesn’t love sitting down with a friend at the end of a long working day to sip a couple of drinks and end the day on a good note?  Probably every reader of this blog post has been at least once in their lifetime at a happy hour, but not many of us know the history of this phenomenon. 

Theories about the origins of the Happy Hour vary across sources. There is evidence that the happy hour could be traced back to the United States Navy, which created a weekly entertainment programme called “Happy Hour” to alleviate some of the soldiers’ stress and boredom of being at sea.

However, the concept of happy hour came around during the Prohibitionism era in the United States. In fact, since restaurants were not selling alcohol, people would gather in speakeasies or at a friend’s house and enjoy a couple of cocktails before hitting the restaurants. 

Despite the end of the prohibitionism era, the happy hour concept quickly became part of the hospitality industry tradition as a way to increase business activities. 

At Temakinho we have Happy Hour every Tuesday to Friday (5pm-7pm) where flavorful drinks can be paired with Nipo-Brasilian dishes that will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Bring your friends to immerse yourself in a colorful and vibrant atmosphere, to the beats of Jazz, Samba and Bossa Nova.