The Atmosphere at Temakinho

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Here at Temakinho, we like to keep a certain atmosphere throughout your visit with us. With delicious food and incredible cocktails (including the world famous Caipirinha), our playlist of bossa nova, jazz and samba keeps spirits high. Here, we take a look at a few of the songs and musicians that keep Temakinho living in the Brazilian sun, wherever you are.

Roberta Sá makes several appearances on our playlist, a Brazilian singer born in Natal, having been active since 2004 in the Samba music scene. Her song ‘Alô Fevereiro’ kicks off our playlist, but it’s her duet with Dudu Nobre, ‘Quem É Ela?’ (in English, ‘Who is she?’) that ups the tempo and makes it difficult to not start dancing in the middle of the restaurant!

If you’re anticipating the slower, more romantic sounds of Brazil, look no further than João Gilberto – several of his songs are set to play throughout your visit with us, including ‘’S Wonderful’ and ‘Discussão’. Gilberto was a staple of the musical world, lauded as a pioneer of the bossa nova genre, labelled around the world as ‘The Father of Bossa Nova’. In Brazil, he was called ‘O Mito’. Born in 1931, he entertained audiences for 69 years, until he sadly passed away in 2019 aged 88. His music is played to this day, and we love to have this legendary Brazilian singer on our list!

Perhaps one of the more recognisable songs on the roster, ‘Mas, Que Nada!’ (More, Than Anything!) is known not only as a samba classic, but also by modern audiences as a remix by the Black Eyed Peas under the same name. We at Temakinho prefer the original, however, with Jorge Ben Jor taking precedence in our speakers (sorry,!). Voted in the Brazilian edition of The Rolling Stone as the 5th greatest Brazilian song ever written or performed, in 2013 it was also inducted into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame.

Vanessa da Marta is another consistent voice in the samba genre, and is known as one of Brazil’s hit makers. She has won a Latin Grammy Award in 2008 for her album ‘Sim’, and was nominated again in 2014 for her song ‘Segue o Som’. Many of her songs, particularly from her Grammy winning album, make an appearance on our playlist, specially designed to enhance our unique restaurant experience.

Our final spotlight goes to Maria Rita, a jazz and samba singer who comes from a musical family renown across Brazil. Daughter of the famed pianist César Camargo Mariano and late legendary singer Elis Regina, it’s no wonder Maria herself went on to be a beloved vocalist. To date, Maria has won an incredible total of seven Latin Grammy Awards from 2004 to her most recent success in 2014, with her album ‘Coração a Batucar’.

If you want to take the spirit and atmosphere of Temakinho with you after your visit, we wouldn’t blame you. So, we made our playlist available publicly on Spotify, where you can listen whenever you wish. Come back soon!

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